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Article: Sarit: The color professional

Sarit: Der Farbprofi

Sarit: The color professional

It is said that the first impression lasts three seconds and is then remembered for seven years. Sarit's passion is to help her customers radiate self-confidence and health in these three seconds - and of course also in the seven years afterwards 😊.

Born in Gothenburg, she completed her training with one of Sweden's most successful color and style consultants. The love for colors, styling and fashion was practically put into her cradle - she is already in the third generation helping people to get the best out of their type and to let them shine in their own "glow"!

“Wrong and right colors can have a big impact on our appearance and our charisma. Colors that don't complement our natural skin tone, eye color and hair color can actually make us look tired and drained. That's why we refer to these as "false colors". With the "right colors" we look fresh and radiant - and that's exactly what I want to achieve with my work for my customers."

We actually thought that as absolute "colorists" we had a great feeling for our own colors - and were totally surprised by her color advice ! Admittedly, which colors really underline our natural beauty and support it optimally surprised us - there were a few real surprises!

All the better that Sarit is at our side as a color expert and will provide expert commentary on our collections. In the future you will learn from her which of our colors are particularly suitable for which color types, how to set clever color accents with accessories, and which combinations have a particularly advantageous effect.

Just like us, supporting people to love themselves and their bodies more and to go through life with a radiant appearance and strengthened self-confidence is a matter of the heart for Sarit. We were immediately enthusiastic about Sarit's humorous, authentic and loving manner - a match 😊 !

If you're curious, here's the color and style advice , which also works online!

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