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outstanding quality

that you see and feel

All of our jewelry is made for us in small batches in a family business in Italy. The use of high-quality materials and careful manual work creates a wonderful alternative to real jewelery - timeless, individual and in a unique variety of colours.

Each piece is sanded and milled individually. You can tell that it is real handwork not only from the extraordinary feel and look: you can occasionally discover tiny asymmetries in the stone settings - this shows that a person, not a machine, made your piece of jewelery for you. Our jewelry is made of a special synthetic resin, their surfaces are either polished to a shine or matt.

For the wonderful sparkle, we only use original SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals with a pointed back. The precision-cut stones have a particularly radiant brilliance and depth.

Do you want to know exactly? Here you can find exclusive insights into our jewelry production.