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This is how you find the right one


To determine which bracelet size suits you best, please measure the circumference of your hand at the strongest point - because the bracelet has to go over this. For most people, this is above the knuckles. You can see a small guide HERE . Two sizes often fit, and it is entirely individual whether you feel more comfortable with a slightly narrower or a slightly wider bracelet. It is important that the bracelet does not slip off your hand.

Our tip: If your hands are a bit swollen, washing your hands with cold water or wearing a fine stocking over your hand can help when putting them on and taking them off.

  • Size S: hand circumference up to ~19.5 cm
  • Size M: hand circumference up to ~20.4 cm
  • Size L: hand circumference up to ~21.5 cm
  • Size XL: hand circumference up to ~23.2 cm

Tips on the right one


You should take good care of our little works of art to give your outfits a colorful sparkle over the long term. If they fall, they may break or crystals may fall out. Likewise, your jewelry should not come into contact with cosmetics (especially sunscreen, disinfectants, perfume or insect repellent) or other aggressive liquids. This is how you ensure the longevity of your glittering companions.