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The idea behind Coloristers

Who is behind Coloristers? A small family history and a great passion for colors, variety and joie de vivre!

It all starts with Petra and her love of colourful, glittering jewelry and quality craftsmanship. She is the creative heart of Coloristers - what began as a balance to your work with horses is now also a professional passion with the support of your son Max and his girlfriend Lea.

Hamburg family company Team Coloristers

Max is a prospective captain on the seas of this world and always comes back to Hamburg and “on board” Coloristers with new ideas and inspirations in his luggage. He not only takes care of our online shop but also takes care of our producers and the great shops where our colorful pieces of jewelery will soon be available to discover.

Lea is the organizational talent of the small company and, as managing director, is responsible for all business tasks. Even as a competitive dancer at school and university, she loved glittering dresses and accessories - and after many years as a management consultant with Coloristers, she is returning to this enthusiasm.

Our pieces of jewelry, which are handmade in Italy, are just as diverse, lively and colorful as our lives. They are the perfect companion for everyone who wants to express their joie de vivre, individuality and mood with their outfits, and who love colors as much as we do! Buerohund Officedog Dachshund Coloristers
Of course, our "Chief Wellbeing Officer" Otto shouldn't be missing here: He is responsible for a good mood and (game) break management at Coloristers.

Der Anfang von Coloristers

Welcher Schmuck passt zu mir?

"For women my age, there is so little really high-quality fashion jewelry that glitters, is colorful and simply makes a real statement."

The Coloristers journey begins with this statement made by Petra at a joint dinner. Is that really the case, we asked ourselves. There are countless jewelry brands, for every taste and style, in
any price range and quality? Out of curiosity, we started researching and quickly realized: There really is a gap here...

Unsere Motivation

Warum ein neues Schmucklabel?

  • Fashion jewelery in premium quality from Europe is a rarity
  • The Plussize jewelry range is unfortunately very small
  • Hardly any jewelry brand shows real women without filters / image processing
  • There is a huge range of gold and silver jewellery, but only a few colorful premium fashion jewellery

Unser Motto

Machen ist wie wollen, nur besser!

Maybe we were a bit naïve to start our own label out of nothing, but we're just entrepreneurs, and they
do now! True to the motto “doing is like wanting, only better”, (almost) everything here has revolved around coloristers ever since.

our name

Coloristers is based on "Color Sisters" because we live family values: support, trust, appreciation and tolerance.

We celebrate women with character, heart and passion who are in the middle of life.

2 generations

in a family team: We are particularly aimed at established women who love themselves as they are and dress exactly as they want. Whether curvy, plus size, bestager, extrovert
or shy - for us, fashion should please everyone - regardless of age, size, origin etc.!


by Coloristers are diverse, lively and colorful like life. Whether sophisticated and eye-catching as a statement piece, or subtle and in soft colors as a loving detail: they are the perfect companion for everyone who appreciates outstanding quality and loves colors as much as we do!

power women

And we want to encourage women to celebrate, support, grow together and empower each other much more.

Women who accompany us and inspire, encourage, motivate and inspire can be found HERE .