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Article: Kateryna: From Zaporizhia to Lower Saxony

Kateryna: Von Saporischschja nach Niedersachsen

Kateryna: From Zaporizhia to Lower Saxony

We founded Coloristers on February 24, 2022 - a day when the world suddenly turned upside down and, as a result, nothing was the same for millions of people. The euphoria about our new beginning was of course immediately overshadowed by the war, and we considered how we could possibly help within the scope of our possibilities.

For our first photo shoot, thanks to the Jobaid Ukrain portal, we found the wonderful Kateryna , who fled from Zaporizhia to Lower Saxony with her two daughters.

We are always impressed by the incredible power and strength Kateryna brings to deal with her difficult situation and to create a temporary home for herself and her family abroad. It is remarkable how she always captures the beauty of the moment with her camera with an incredible eye for detail.

We were incredibly nervous and excited, spent a week preparing and planning our shoot, and then we were just so lucky... Kateryna accompanied us through the two days with a lot of empathy, humor and determination. We "recruited" all of our models from the Circle of Friends, and she gave each and every one of us the confidence to feel confident and free in front of the camera.

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, Kateryna is still unable to return to her homeland with her family and is now working here as a photographer . We can absolutely recommend you and are already planning the next shoot with this wonderful superwoman!

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