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Article: Lola Meinhardt: Luxury Knitwear

Lola Meinhardt: Luxury Knitwear

Lola Meinhardt: Luxury Knitwear

In many of our photos you can discover the creations of a very special designer from Braunschweig: Olga, founder of the Lola Meinhardt label. With an unconventional, yet harmonious mix of fine, exclusively natural yarn, clear shapes and coordinated - sometimes delicate, sometimes strong - colors, Olga succeeds in redefining knitwear with her young label.

At a fashion fair, we couldn't get past the extravagant designs in bright colors without thinking "they're a sensational match for us". Said asked, and we not only received sensational designer creations for our photo shoots, but meanwhile also gained a great friend!

Describing the treasures made of mohair, silk or alpaca wool in just a few words is not so easy: "They combine playfulness, lightness, softness, tenderness, warmth and elegance, but also coolness, nonchalance and strength - just like my customers".

The wool for her Lola Meinhardt collections, which comes from gentle and sustainable production, is sourced exclusively from German suppliers and manufacturers. Each piece is only made to order and exclusively in Germany - an absolute rarity.

Why our statement pieces and Lola Meinhardt's designer pieces go so well together is due to the exciting contrast: Delicate wool meets large statement jewellery, airy cuts, clearly cut rhinestones and clear shapes. Incidentally, our bracelets are made so smooth and without any edges that wool and silk fans can wear them with their elegant clothes without any worries - there are no pulling threads!

Click here for luxury knitwear by Lola Meinhardt - special tip: the beautiful bridal collection !

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